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  • What can we do for you?

    We help you quickly determine your competence.

    Thanks to us, you will avoid SPAM job offers you do not expect or when you are not interested in the new job > You decide, because you are configuring our criteria and our recruiters!

    With us you will find really valuable offers only, compatible only with your personal criteria!

    We will tell you what to improve on your profile or how to develop your competences so that you have better bids and higher bids, we are aware bout of hundreds of thousands of candidates worldwide.

    Give yourself a chance> use it!

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  • Sourcing

    “I have marked in my own YOUR.HR availability calendar when system can present my competencies to employers. I precisely picked my skills from dictionaries and  determined rates for each skill. Also where I want to work. I entered US city to which I would like to relocate >> with YOUR.HR I get only the deals I want and only when I want to.” (Henry, JAVA programmer)

  • Rating

    “It was not easy for me to determine the level of my skills in JAVA Enterprise, they helped me choose not only the right level but where I can test my skills and what certifications I should still be able to get. Now I can answer the question of what it means to be good at it, Thanks to YOUR.HR I have chosen the competences that I know I will get better rates and learn quickly! ” (Andrew, Junior Coder)

  • Recruting

    “Recruiter told me how to show plenty of my interests, which ones are currently the most profitable and which  employers are looking for them. I chose what is currently the most important for me and I got a job offer. YOUR.HR will get their profit only if I am happy with new job, so since they care so much … I will be tempted.” (Sophie, Analyst, Tester, Programmer)


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